Autumn Colours

Another stunning Kelowna summer has come and gone – sigh. Cooler weather is (mostly) here, along with busier schedules. Although we’ll miss running out the door in nothing but a tank and some perfect linen shorts (Nicole Purdy anyone?), we have to admit that this is our absolute favourite time of year for fashion.

The addition of a few new items can make your existing wardrobe feel rejuvenated – and they might just make you feel better too. It’s a good idea (and better for the planet) to look for items that you know you’ll love even if the trend passes – and it’s never a bad time to restock on basics.

Warm rusts, maroons, olives, and caramels are returning to reflect the season change. And of course you know autumn colours pair perfectly with those booties you’ve been waiting to pull back out since the beginning of summer.

We’ve picked a few of our favourite new arrivals so far.  For example, this easy to wear midi length Maddi Cardigan from Textile Apparel Organics.

textile apparel maddi cardi

This pumpkin patch-worthy ribbed short sleeve turtleneck from Known Supply:

Known Supply pumpkin top from Textile Apparel in Kelowna

and this perfect chunky cotton knit from It Is Well L.A. that is light enough to wear now, but still heavy enough to layer up as the weather grows cooler.

We also think this triple gauze top is the perfect way to look chic, yet feel like you’re still under your duvet.

Textile Apparel chunky knit It is well LA

We have incredible new arrivals on their way throughout the fall season that you’ll be head over heels in love with. As always, our focus is on sustainable fashion. Our products are sourced using natural, organic fabrics and are made ethically, often in the United States and Canada.

Drop by today and see what autumn colours we have in store for you.

Stay cozy, Kelowna! 

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Known Supply pumpkin top from Textile Apparel in Kelowna

Autumn Colours

Autumn colours, cooler temperatures and incredible sustainable fashion are here at Textile Apparel in Kelowna.

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