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Merino Garter Mittens in Dark Blue

Merino Garter Mittens in Dark Blue

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MERINO Garter Mittens are circular garter knit creating a slightly bulkier knit that provides both style and extra warmth. The characteristic knit structure is our take on a playful approach to a minimalistic design. Hand knit in extra fine, mulesing free merino wool and with round finishing at both the top and thumb, these mittens have a 2×2 ribbed edge that can be cuffed. Unisex.

Hand knitted in 7 hours by women directly employed by Dinadi in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dinadi controls the production process from start to finish maximising transparency and social impact.


• Yarn / 100% fine merino wool (mulesing free)
• Yarn origin /  responsibly sourced from South Africa
• Production / hand knit in 7 hrs by Dinadi employees in Nepal
• Fit /  unisex, one size
• Weight / 65 grams
• Packaging / biodegradable handmade lokta paper box

How to care for your Dinadi piece -

Merino Wool

• Unlike acrylics, Merino wool is breathable, non-clammy and has an amazing ability to resist odor and is practically self-cleansing while still being light-weight and non-itchy. As wool is a natural fiber it will stretch and conform to your size. That’s how we can make unisex pieces in one size; with wear, each piece will be sized to your individual fit.

• Thermal regulating, the merino fleece is naturally insulating and allows the merino sheep to adapt to the changing weather conditions all year around – from extreme lows in winter to high temperatures in summer. The technical fiber is able to release and obtain heat depending on the environment and regulate the temperature.

Makers Notes

• Based in Nepal, we control the production process from start to finish, maximizing transparency and social impact. We take slow fashion quite literally. 
Most Dinadi designs are knit by hand in the homes of our employees. This enables a flexible work environment for each knitter.

• We are convinced that social entrepreneurship is the way to bring lasting change to developing communities and into the life of the individual employee.
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