Women's Chica Wool Socks



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Women's Chica Wool Socks




  • Product Description

      Ladies, let no toes go cold. Designed specifically for women, our cozy and durable Chica Wool Socks wrap your feet in contented warmth on cabin weekends or trips up the coast. Since we lose heat into cold ground through the bottoms of our feet, we make these from a sturdy midweight wool blend with a slipper-like, double-knit sole that for additional cushioning and insulation; nylon and spandex add an extra touch of comfort and breathability for long days in Blundstones or hiking boots. The design is machine washable and rises midway up the calf.

      Made in Canada


      70% wool / 28% nylon / 2% spandex.
      Wash in cold water and hang to dry. To reduce energy and water use, we recommend washing only when necessary. Less washing also gives your garments a longer life.

      Size Guide & Measurements

      • Available in one Women’s size; refer to the size chart for details.

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