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Handmade with love in Montréal, Eve Gravel clothing evokes a relaxed femininity ensuring freedom of movement while reflecting a modern image. 

Eve Gravel creations embody a contemporary, colourful and versatile aesthetic, offering throughout each collection a few bold pieces that elegantly punctuate the minimalist and timeless character of Eve Gravel. Each season, original prints are created in collaboration with Montreal artists, making the pieces all the more unique.

Every collection usually includes a few limited edition styles.

Eve Gravel creations demonstrate the passion and attention to detail that drives the designer who also places great importance on the quality of cuts and materials used for each garment. The brand offers garments with unique detailing that will appeal to a wide variety of styles and complement all types of wardrobes, enough to satisfy all tastes and self-expression through fashion!

As part of the slow-fashion movement, we take great pride in the ethical character of our creations. In order to encourage conscious and responsible consuming, these values occupy a central place in our creative process.