Collection: Tangled Fireweed & Feathers

 Handmade with love and respect in the Okanagan primarily working with MIYUKI Delicas glass beads

Each piece of Tangled Fireweed & Feathers Jewelry is made by hand, with love and respect. Based in the Okanagan, Tangled Fireweed & Feathers primarily works with MIYUKI Delicas. These glass beads are best known for their high quality and "world standard." They are uniform in shape, light to work with, and have a brilliant selection of colours. Occasionally featuring bone, shell or crystal accents, inspired by teachings and nature. Tangled Fireweed & Feathers works with nymo threads, with treads conditioned and stretched by hand with local Okanagan beeswax. 

Tangled Fireweed & Feathers recommends you treat your piece like art.

 About the Artist:

"My Indigenous story is tangled in traditional teachings and ceremonies across many tribes.

I am an indigenous artist: Raised in the Yukon/ NWT- taught by my Southern Tutchone, Inuit & Oji-Cree Elders. My Spiritual Grandfather is from the Pascua Yaqui Tribe. My ancestors are Okanagan Nation.

In the highest of lights - All my relations"

-Greta Reid

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