Leather Care & Attention

The leather of your bag is a high-quality natural product whose individual appearance is proof of its uniqueness. In order to preserve the characteristic look of your bag, we recommend the following care routines.



Day to Day Care

For surface dirt & dust wipe the entire bag with a damp cloth (without soap) and let it air dry.

For wee scratches or minor discolorations try the same technique or massage these spots with your fingers. The enclosed oils in the vegetable tanned leather will surface revitalize the leather.

Do not expose your leather bag to strong wetness or intense sunlight.


Care for Soft Leather

With the occasional application of a natural leather lotion or a leather grease for open-pored genuine leather, you can nourish, impregnate and protect the leather.

The application should be done with a soft cloth, always sparingly and from seam to seam. It is highly recommended that you test the treatment on a concealed area before. A slight darkening by the care products cannot be avoided. This usually regulates itself after a short wearing time.

Care for Polished & Smooth Leather

Regular polishing with a leather lotion for smooth leather quickly minimizes the wee scratches and maintains the characteristic shine of the leather.
The application should be done with a soft cloth and always sparingly. It is highly recommended to carry out a test treatment on a concealed area before. The care product should be massaged in with circular movements. After the leather has dried, it can be polished again with a dry cloth.