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Milo & Dexter

Everyday Classics Merino Socks in Olive

Everyday Classics Merino Socks in Olive

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These merino wool socks are a smart choice for anyone who wants comfort, performance, and longevity in their footwear.
Made from soft and non-irritating merino wool, these socks provide a cozy feel, even in cold weather. The wool also has natural moisture-wicking properties that keep feet dry and comfortable all day long. And because the wool has anti-microbial properties, the socks resist odors and stay fresh, even after multiple wears. These socks are also built to last, with a durable design that can handle the wear and tear of outdoor adventures. Overall, merino wool socks are a smart choice for anyone who wants footwear that performs as good as it feel.

• Medium Size: Women 5-9 / Men 4-8 
• Large Size: Women 9-13 / Men: 8-12

Made in Montreal


• 96% Merino Wool / 4% Nylon 

About the Brand

Born in the heart of Canada's garment district: Chabanel. Their garments pay hommage to the Canadian lifestyle, past and present. Each item has been designed to stand the test of time, using fabrics and techniques that put quality at the core, and following aesthetic guidelines that incorporate classical yet modern elements. Everything is made in Canada.


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