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The Melton Wool Blanket In Glacier

The Melton Wool Blanket In Glacier

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Campfire blankets have always been an important part of Scouts Canada’s history, and when it comes to choosing the right one many scouts say “It’s wool or nothing.” We completely agree. Made in Canada from Anian's heavyweight Modern Melton post-consumer recycled wool, they’ve chosen a dense, durable weave that’s remarkably warm and water-resistant—and unlike synthetic blankets, it’s naturally fire-resistant as well.
To further reduce our environmental impact, it’s manufactured in Anian's unique, dye-free process that saves water and eliminates the need for harmful chemical dyes.
Amply sized for cookouts, camping trips or nights spent sleeping cowboy-style under the stars, the blanket easily shakes off dirt, and it’s also machine washable if necessary. Scouts’ blankets often serve as memory keepers, emblazoned with patches from adventures and achievements over the years; we hope our Modern Melton Wool Blanket is one you’ll collect lifelong memories with too.

Made in Canada


17-oz 80% post-consumer recycled wool / 20% nylon.
•Warm, durable and naturally weather-resistant, this comfortable blend is manufactured in a unique dye-free process for reduced environmental impact. Melton starts out a touch stiff, but softens quickly with wear.

• Wash in cold water and hang to dry. To reduce energy and water use, we recommend washing only when necessary. Less washing also gives your garments a longer life.

Size Guide

•59 inches x 64 inches

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