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Unique Merino, Yak and Cashmere Knitwear made with love and dedication in Nepal 

Dinadi controls the production process from start to finish, maximizing transparency and social impact
We take slow fashion quite literally
We are convinced that social entrepreneurship is the way to bring lasting change to developing communities and into the life of the individual employee.

We exist for the jobs we can provide. Those jobs, though, would be meaningless if they weren’t good jobs that are both fair and empowering. Therefore we invest a lot of time and energy to ensure that our employees are treated with dignity and fairly compensated for the work they do.

Many things have changed since Dinadi’s humble start on our living room floor in Kathmandu, April 11, 2016. Through the changes, though, our vision remains the same; to create fair employment opportunities for Nepali women and produce sustainable, timeless and high-quality knitwear. As we continue to grow, transparency is central as we work to ensure that our social mission is the navigator even when it’s not the easy option. We hope our brand will be associated with well-designed winter classics produced in an ethical and sustainable manner and that Dinadi will continue to have a positive social impact on the Nepali women we employ.

Our yarn

Each product is only as good as the materials used to made it. We work hard to find the softest and most durable yarns and to make sure we are sourcing our yarns in a way that is both socially and environmentally responsible. Each yarn fiber has unique qualities and characteristics but the one characteristic that is the same for all Dinadi yarns is that all are 100% natural, no plastics found here!