Collection: Groceries Apparel

Quality Organic Wardrobe Staples made from  GMO-Free Organic Cotton, Hemp and Eucalyptus Tencel

A leader in the Sustainable Fashion Industry, Groceries Apparel offers the best quality organic wardrobe staples. Using fabrics like GMO-Free Organic Cotton, Hemp and Eucalyptus Tencel to make clothing that is both functional and comfortable.

They then garment dye the collection with low-impact and natural dyes all in Groceries Apparel's own factory in L.A., California. Vertically-integrated, local and traceable production maximizes quality, efficiency, and employee pay, and minimizes redundancy, waste and their carbon footprint.

Textile Apparel is one of largest retailers of Groceries Apparel in Canada. We offer an extensive collection online and in our storefront located Kelowna, British Columbia.