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Yak Wool O-Neck Sweater in Black

Yak Wool O-Neck Sweater in Black

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The Yak Wool O-Neck Sweater has a timeless design that will fill an essential need in any wardrobe. Knitted in plain knit with a 1×1 rib and a wider collar this sweater can be used all year around. The luxuriously soft, mulesing free merino wool sourced from South Africa provides plenty of warmth for cold winter days or cool fall nights.

Machine knitted in 2.5 hours by a local partner in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dinadi conducts monthly site visits in order to ensure that Dinadi’s ethical and environmental standards are upheld.


• Yarn / 100% yak wool (undyed)
Yarn origin / responsibly sourced from South Africa
• Production / machine knit in 2.5 hrs by a local partner in Nepal
• Weight /  240 grams
• Packaging /  biodegradable handmade lokta paper box
• Hand wash cols with wool detergent 

Size Guide & Measurements 


• Our yak products are made from 100% yak down. Yak down is a rare and luxurious fiber that is similar in softness and feel to cashmere. It is superior in warmth to many sheep wool fibers while similar in durability. Yak down is combed once a year from the yak’s winter coat and praised to be one of the most sustainable fibers available.

• We partner with a social enterprise on the Tibetan Plateau that works closely with local yak herders to gather the fibers. In partnering with them we can ensure high traceability throughout our supply and production chain. Our yak is natural and undyed and comes in two colors, Oat Brown and Dark Brown.

Makers Notes

• Based in Nepal, we control the production process from start to finish, maximizing transparency and social impact. We take slow fashion quite literally. Most Dinadi designs are knit by hand in the homes of our employees. This enables a flexible work environment for each knitter
• We are convinced that social entrepreneurship is the way to bring lasting change to developing communities and into the life of the individual employee.

Care Instructions

•One of the great qualities of wool is that it repels dirt and requires fewer washes which is easy and great for the environment. Air out your product instead when needed. 
•To Handwash add wool detergent to cold water and let your product soak for about 10 minutes without working it. Rinse with clean, cold water and press the water out of the product without twisting or pulling. Lay out flat for drying.
Woolen products will naturally pill with use. Cut away by hand or use a de-pilling machine. Compress the fibers after de-pilling by ironing on low. Pilling is not a sign that your product is worn out.
•Each Dinadi tag has a strand of yarn with every product that can be used if a product were to snag or tea

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